Building new homes is a big commitment, which is why Integrity Builders is here to help! We’ve been doing new home construction for over 22 years now, so we know how to handle your house carefully and professionally. Here’s what our new home building construction process entails.

Our Process

All our new home construction projects begin with a client meeting to discuss the home they’re envisioning. If the client doesn’t have drawings of the home, we will connect them with a designer to ensure that it gets done.

Once drawings are available, we will get a quote and help find the best price for the client. Then, we will enter a fixed price contract or cost plus agreement. We will manage and coordinate the entire project, always seeing it through until the end.

We will keep the client involved throughout every stage of the process to ensure that their needs are met. Additionally, we will help make difficult decisions easier for the client, such as selecting the best finishing for their home.

When the home is completed, the client will be provided with new home warranty coverage through Travelers Insurance. All homes are made with wood frame construction, the most common construction type in British Columbia.

New Home Construction

What Clients Should Expect

After an initial site visit and discussion with the client, we can move forward and provide a quote for the new home building project. We will always go over the quote with the client to make sure everything fits their expectations. A contract won’t be put together until everything in the initial stages has been worked out.

Building new homes is always done in a professional manner at Integrity Builders. Our work meets and exceeds the industry’s standards and codes. Our goal is to provide the perfect homes for our clients, and we’re willing to put in the extra work to get it done.

Through every step of the project, we want our clients involved. We keep them up to date with what we’re working on and make adjustments as needed to fulfill their requests. As long as our clients feel respected and satisfied, we know we’ve done our job properly.

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We’re pleased to get the opportunity to work with you. No project is too difficult for us, so we’re more than happy to go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Integrity Builders is a licensed builder that’s registered with BC Housing. So, you can feel at ease knowing that we will handle all matters professionally and efficiently. Are you looking for a project that involves building new homes? If so, look no further! Contact Integrity Builders today to get started on building the home of your dreams.


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