Renovations & Additions

Is it time for an update? Integrity Builders is ready to complete house renovations and home additions. We’ve been doing what we do for over 22 years, so we are capable of giving your home the modern updates it truly needs. Here’s how it works.

Our Process

All house renovations and home additions are seamlessly transitioned from the existing finishes. We start all our processes by meeting with the client and fully discussing their expectations and goals for the project. If they don’t have drawings completed for the new spaces, we will connect them with a designer for best results.

With drawings prepared, we can then create an accurate quote for the client. We will review the quote with them and make sure it’s reasonable for everyone involved. Then, we can move forward with a fixed price contract or a cost plus agreement.

Throughout the project, we will manage and coordinate everything ourselves. We will keep in touch with the client and take their input throughout the process. We see the entire project through to completion and do everything we can to ensure that it lives up to the client’s expectations.

Upon completion, the client can be given a new home warranty thanks to Travelers Insurance. All renovations and additions are completed using wood frame construction, which is the most popular construction type here in British Columbia.

Salon Renovation

What You Should Expect

Every new project starts with a site visit. This will give us the opportunity to discuss the project and see what areas of the home need updating. We always try to learn the client’s wishes, likes, and dislikes during this process.

Once we have a full understanding of the client’s expectations, we move on to the quote and contract. We are a licensed builder registered with BC Housing, so all our work is professional and timely. We will meet and exceed the industry standards for our projects.

Throughout the entire timeline, we will keep you up to date on the progress and next steps. Keeping our clients happy and satisfied is our utmost priority. We want them to feel included and respected every step of the way.

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We’re thrilled that you’re considering us for your renovations and additions! With Integrity Builders, no project is too difficult to complete. We enjoy the challenges we might face and we strive to give you the best results possible.

Are you ready to complete the renovations and additions you’ve always wanted? Integrity Builders is ready to help you make those dreams come true! Contact us today to get started on improving your house to finally reach the perfect home you’ve been waiting for.


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